About us

Welcome at the Bookingbox China pages , we hope you will enjoy the stories and background information you will find here.

Since 2007  we have been working on our Bookingbox project , a network of online portals about travel related topics and service providers ; but during the last 9 months we have been struggling to move on, after we found out that the expensive Drupal setup that we ordered in Belgium was not working , had no possibilities to present service providers with a presentation page , with online bookings , with online shops ; so we ended up with a seriously overprices malfunctioning project.

Due to all these problems we decided in september 2013 to pull the plug on the Drupal projects and start all over again , low budget , with free software from WordPress ; just a couple of steps back to get a good overview of what we can do now and where we want to get too.

During the next couple of months you will see bookingbox page appear for all countries in the world , but also for specific topics , like our foods magazine , our outdoor magazine , the bookingboxtraveller page and much more.

Stay with us ,

Peter and the Bookingbox team


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